Robert Duzoglou Academy of Martial Arts


The Robert Duzoglou Academy of Martial Arts is located in Miami, Florida. It was born out of Sensei Robert Duzoglou's love for martial arts and family. He has over 45 years of experience as well as Black Belts in 5 styles.

Sensei Robert's teaching method uses martial arts as a platform for character development, constantly engaging students in discussion about subjects such as discipline, respect, persistence and compassion.

The Academy surrounded me with a learning environment filled with integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, honesty, and loyalty. Since the age of five, I attended classes here, learning the true essence of Martial Arts.

I have since earned my third-degree black belt from the Academy, and am proud to consider myself a member of the family. 


Shell Lumber & Hardware

At the age of 16, I joined America's blue-collar workforce as a Hardware Associate at Shell Lumber & Hardware. I was the youngest employee there during my entire time.


I worked full-time during summers and part-time during two years of high school, spending every Saturday for these many months cultivating a strong work ethic.


I still remember their four tenets of customer service - Speed, Service, Smile, Thanks - and I have taken this attitude into every workplace thereafter.


At Shell, I had a variety of responsibilities. I stocked shelves, learned about different types of paint, and even worked as a stand-in chef at the hot dog stand from time to time. 


My most important lesson from Shell, however, was the elbow-to-elbow experience I had with working-class Americans. Working alongside people who were double, triple, even quadruple my age was a sobering and important experience.


I left Shell to go to college after two and a half years, and proud to represent it as a former employee.

Florida Governor Rick Scott visited Shell Lumber to  talk about the Florida tax holiday coinciding with the start of hurricane season. 

"Yeah, We Got That", Shell Lumber and Hardware, Bluwave Producer Will Smyth
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Shell employees doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge